Ice Fruit Guide: How To Get & Abilities

Ice fruit is one of the most uncommon types of devil fruit in the blox fruit game. This fruit can be found in Frozen Tundra which is located in the Fourth Sea.

The cost of this fruit is very high compared to other fruits. You can also buy this fruit from Blox fruit dealer with a price of 350,000 or in exchange for 750 Robux.

If you want to become a master of this fruit then you should read this article.

In this article, we are going to explain the abilities, damage and combo, showcases, tier list, pros and cons, and comparison of this fruit with other fruits.

All of this information will help you to become a master of Ice fruit.

Ice Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

What is Ice Fruit?

The Ice Fruit is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that gives you the power to manipulate the ice fruit in the Blox fruit game. This fruit is also known for its versatility because this fruit can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. Some People also called this fruit the bounty-hunting fruit as well, because of its great stuns and moderate damage.

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Ice Fruit
Fruit NameIce Fruit
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The ability of Ice Fruit

There are two types of abilities in the Ice fruit. One is an unawakening ability that comes free and the other one is the Awakening ability. Awakening Abilities are not free. You have to spend fragments to buy these abilities.

UnAwakening Moves

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Ice Sparesz-key.webpIce Spears MoveIn this move, you can fire a barrage of ice shades to damage the enemy.1
Ice Surgex-key-webpIce Surge MoveIn this move, you can release a small amount of ice which does damage and knock back anyone it hits.25
Ice Birdc-key-webpIce Bird MoveIn this move, you can create a bird of ice and throw it where your mouse point is. You can freeze the enemy with this power.50
Glacial Epoch
Glacial Epoch MoveWith this power, you can turn the entire ground into ice and free anyone who steps into your ground.100

Awakening Moves

Well these types of moves, you need to buy the moves. Price is also mentioned in the table.

Attack NameControl KeysCost(Fragments)PreviewDescriptionMastery
Cold Stormz-key.webp500Cold Strome MoveWith the help of this move, you can fire a hurricane and it travels at a slow speed toward the cursor. This move does damage slowly -slowly. 1
Glacial Surgex-key-webp3000Glacial Surge MoveThis move releases a huge surge of ice which helps to back your enemy and do damage.25
Frozen Dragonc-key-webp4000Frozen Dragon MoveFrozen Dragon launches a high-speed ice dragon into the air. This dragon crashes down to your pointed cursor to damage the oppnent50
Absolute Zerov5000Absolute Zero MoveFrozen Dragon launches a high-speed ice dragon into the air. This dragon crashes down to your pointed cursor to damage the opponent100
Ice Stackingf-key.webp2000Ice Stacking MoveIce stacking water ability turns your feet into ice. So whenever you walk on the water it will change into a light blue color. But with the ability you can not regenerate the health.0

Is Ice Fruit Good In Blox Fruits?

This fruit is good for farming tasks because it has good immunity.It has limited mouse moves. After using powerful moves like Glacial Epoch or Absolute Zero, you’re stuck waiting until they defrost, limiting your actions.
Ice Fruit in Blox Fruits is effective in crowded situations due to its attacks having a wide hitbox, allowing it to hit and freeze multiple enemies simultaneously.When you use some ice moves in Blox Fruits, they don’t work well when you’re up in the air. Also, the second set of ice moves is mostly meant for fighting on the ground, so ice is not very good for fighting while flying.
The Ice Fruit in Blox Fruits stands out with its incredible stun capabilities, immobilizing opponents in their tracks by freezing them in place, providing a strategic advantage in battles.Using ice powers like skating and dodging in water takes a lot of energy, making it less effective and draining stamina quickly. So, it’s not the best choice for water-based activities.
The Ice Fruit in Blox Fruits is a chill choice for young gamers. Freeze foes with moves like Ice Spears and Cold Storm, slide on water, and team up with friends to conquer bosses.Some ice moves, such as Ice Surge and Glacial Epoch, can’t be used in the air, reducing their effectiveness and limiting strategic choices during battles in different situations.
Absolute Zero (V) is a powerful move in Blox Fruits, dealing big damage and freezing enemies in a large area. It’s like summoning a freezing storm to dominate your foes!Ice Skating becomes slower as your health decreases, making it more difficult to escape from combat situations when your health is low.
Ice Skating lets you zoom around, escaping or chasing enemies, but be cautious when low on health.Absolute Zero works only near the ground, so it can’t be used high up. This makes it less useful in some situations where you might want to attack from higher places.

Ice Fruit blox fruits tier list

The Ice Fruit in Blox Fruits falls under the S-tier category, meaning it’s considered very powerful. This is because it offers excellent stuns good combo potential, and a versatile move set. Other fruits in the S-tier include Light and Dark, known for their strong and unique abilities.


So it was all about the ice fruit. Where we have shared every important information related to Ice Fruit Wiki, its abilities, combos, and tier list. So we hope you will find what you were looking for.