Love Fruit Guide: How To Get & Abilities

Carrying the power of heart, Love Fruit offers a variety of moves like Cupid Zone that can make your enemy fall in “love” with you even if for a few seconds. Thanks to this fruit, your opponent’s moves will be reduced to up to 30%.

If you want to try this fruit, you can get it from Blox Fruit Dealer by spending 1700 Robux or 1,300,000 dollars. 

This is a theme-based fruit that was recently redesigned by the developers. If you want to know more about the kind of love attacks you can use on Blox fruits, keep reading.

Love Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Love Fruit Wiki

Love is a natural kind of fruit with legendary rarity. This fruit was reworked on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Love fruit offers powers related to attraction, love, fragrance, and friendship. Currently, you can enjoy the moves Heart Shot, Cupid Zone, Flamingo Ride, Irresistible Attraction, and Besto Friendo. Unfortunately, this fruit cannot be awakened.

Love Fruit
Love Fruit
Fruit NameLove Fruit
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Love Fruit Abilities

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
LovestruckPassive AbilityThis immunity traps the opponent into the illusion of love, minimizing the intensity of attacks by almost 30%.
Heart Shot z-key.webpLove Heart Shot MoveLets you shoot a heart-shaped arrow towards your opponent.1
Cupid Zone f-key.webpLove Cupid Zone moveYou can shoot an arrow of perfume that traps the opponent in its cloud range.50
Flamingo Ride x-key-webpLove Flamingo Ride MoveYou get a flying flamingo ride, you can pick up other players as well.100
Irresistible Attractionc-key-webpLove Irresistible MoveUsing this attack pulls your enemy toward you, followed by an explosion.150
Besto FriendovLove Besto Friendo MoveBy using this skill, an NPC best friend is created wielding a Canvander. This character mirrors your level.200

Love Fruit Moves and Combo

Love Fruit is reliable for aerial and scented attacks using the abilities Flamingo Ride and Besto Friendo. The attack cooldown time is shorter than other legendary fruits similar to Love. Many Players use this fruit for aesthetics and making friends rather than fighting.

While we do not have the latest stats for Love move set damage and cooldown time, we have gathered some effective combo moves:

  • Soul Guitar X / Kabucha X (Optional), Love Z, Spikey Trident X, Love X C (Tap), Godhuman Z C X, Love V (optional)
  • Godhuman C, Love Z, Spikey Trident X, Love X, Acid Rifle Z X M1, Godhuman Z, Acid Rifle M1, Love C, Godhuman Z, Spikey Trident Z (Repeat)
  • Love C, Godhuman Z C, Love Z, Spikey Trident X, Love X V, Godhuman X
  • Gravity Cane Z X, Love X C (the transition from X to C can be delayed by 0.5 seconds because of the small stun of Love X), Gravity Cane Z X, Love V Z

Is Love Fruit Good In Blox Fruits?

Love Fruit is super strong in fights. It can punch really hard and heal itself, making it great for battles.Using Love Fruit is a bit tricky. It needs practice and skill to master its combo-heavy moves.
Love Fruit lets you be strategic. You can teleport, control enemies, and heal friends, giving you many options to play smartly.Love Fruit uses up its power quickly, so you need to be careful and manage your energy.
Skilled players can use Love Fruit to do big combos, stringing attacks together for massive damage.Love Fruit works better with teammates, so playing alone might not be as effective.
Love Fruit is good against most enemies and works well in different situations.If you get frozen, you can’t move, and Love Fruit relies on moving around a lot, making you vulnerable and defenseless.

Love Fruit Tier List

Due to its basic skill sets and moves, Love Fruit falls under the C-Tier of Blox Fruits List. This is the second weakest group of fruits to exist in the game. Other fruits that share this list with Love are Smoke, Falcon, and Rubber.


This brings you to the end of our Love Fruit Guide. Now you know about the abilities and techniques to use Love Fruit on Blox Fruits. Despite its fun moves, players are seen to avoid this in PvP mode especially if they are looking for grinding.