Falcon Fruit Guide: How To Get & Abilities

Despite being an uncommon beast-type fruit, the Falcon is one of the most neglected fruits in the game. The fruit can be easily purchased from the Fruit Dealer by spending an amount of 300k dollars or 650 Robux. But why do players avoid this fruit?

In this post, we will cover the core truth of Falcon Fruit’s abilities, shortcomings, moves, stats, combos, and Tier List Ranking.

Make sure you stick till the end to know why players don’t trust Falcon in PvP mode and grinding.

Falcon Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Falcon Fruit Wiki

Containing the power of a beast, Falcon is efficient in deploying some serious aim-based attacks. The element behind Falcon is that of wind. Whether it is a gentle plumage to fly around or a bone crusher power move, this fruit can deliver both gentle and harsh moves.

Falcon Fruit
Falcon Fruit
Fruit NameFalcon Fruit
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Falcon Fruit Abilities

Falcon fruit is infamous for having complicated and repetitive moves. Regardless of this impression, it can be fun to level up Falcon Mastery and unlock new powerful moves. 

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Plumage z-key.webpFalcon Plumage MoveYou can experience flying by getting a set of wings. You can also jump higher than usual while performing plumage.1
Wind Burst f-key.webpFalcon Wind Burst moveThis move lets you launch a powerful stream of wind toward your target.1
Flight x-key-webpFalcon Flight MoveYou can use this move only if you have the plumage on. Flight lets you soar around in the air and swoop onto the enemy to attack them.20
Bone Crusher c-key-webpFalcon Bone Crusher MoveAn aim-based move designed to bury your opponent onto the ground.80
Soaring Talon vFalcon Soring MoveYou can cut through your opponent multiple times, leaving them in a stationary phase.120
Jump BoostPassive AbilityThis booster is unlocked during the transformation phase, it increases your jump height to a little extent.

Falcon Fruit Moves and Combo

Attack NameMoveDamage (Approx)CoolDown
Wind Burstx-key-webp2900-7.5
Bone Crusherf-key.webp3400-11.5
Soaring Talonv3500-15.5

These phenomenal move combinations created by experienced players can make you unleash some fantastic attacks:

  • Falcon X C
  • Electric Claw C Z, Spikey Trident Z, Falcon C, Electric Claw X, Kabucha X, Spikey Trident X, Falcon V
  • Soul Guitar X, Spikey Trident Z X, Falcon C, Super Human Z C, Falcon V X
  • Electric Claw C, Falcon C, Soul Cane Z, Acidum Rifle Z, Electric Claw Z, Falcon V
  • Dragon Talon X, Spikey Trident Z, Dragon Talon Z, Spikey Trident X, Falcon C, Dragon Talon C

Advantage And Disadvantages

Good for exploration with its mobility-based move set.No Falcon Fruit move has the power to surpass instinct.
This fruit provides a passive skill called jump boost which can increase your range of jumping.This fruit possesses two similar moves- Plumage and Flight which don’t make much of a difference.
A good weapon to speed chase your opponents without losing sight of them.The attack moves of this fruit fail to yield much damage.
If your aim is lousy, this fruit is not for you. If you can’t lock your target properly or your opponent moves, your attack will go to waste.
Falcon is not suitable for grinding as it has no consistent attacks to offer.

Falcon Fruit Tier List

Falcon rightfully deserves the C-Tier category on the Falcon Fruit Tier List. C-Tier is the second-least powerful category of Blox Fruits. The placement of Falcon cannot be higher due to its unreliable attacks. Other Blox fruits in this category are Rubber, Smoke, Spring, and Love.


You have reached the end of our Falcon Fruit Guide. Now you know about the abilities and limitations of using this C-Tier Fruit. You have discovered all the movesets, stats, combos, and other details related to Falcon. While it is a decent choice over D-Tier fruits, it is not ideal for grinding and PvP mode.