Rubber Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Rubber is the most stretchy fruit on Blox Fruits with the ability to deal tonnes of damage using moves like Rush where you can deliver continuous punches to your opponent. This natural fruit also provides a passive ability called Rubber Man that makes you immune from Rumble, Electric, and Gun attacks. You can obtain this fruit by spending 750,000 dollars or 1200 Robux currency.

Players enjoy experimenting with Rubber due to its fun abilities and transformation. Read our guide until the end to know all the highlights of Rubber Fruit.

Rubber Fruit
Rubber Fruit
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What is Rubber Fruit?

Rubber is a natural type of fruit that is rare to obtain. This fruit comes with a default passive ability Rubber Man and a normal ability, Pistol which lets you air fire a powerful rubber attack. Apart from these, there are five distinct rubber-style moves of this fruit- Cannon, Smash, Rush, Slingshot, and of course Transformation. You can transform rubber on reaching Mastery of level 225. Unlocking this mode increases the damage ability of each move.

Rubber is an agile fruit with decent damage, mobility, and knockback. Its flexible moves also make it ideal for combo attacks. You can obtain this fruit through Blox Fruit Dealer or by trading.

Rubber Fruit Abilities and Moves

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMasteryDamage (Approx)Cooldown (seconds)
Rubber ManPassive AbilityProtects you from Electric, Rumble, and Guns.
Pistol[Click]NormalExtend arm to fire2300
Cannonz-key.webpStretching arm like a rubber to deal damage2534007.5
Smashx-key-webpStretching leg up and down to attack5041009
Slingshot f-key.webpStretch your arms to travel a large distance.803000-43006
Rushc-key-webpContinuous punches to your opponent.1251000-640016.5
Transformationv-key-webpUpgrades all your moves and damage stats225

Transformed Rubber Fruit Abilities and Moves 

MovesKey Ability (Fragments)Damage (Approx)Cooldown (seconds)
[Click] PistolNormal2600
Cannonz-key.webpMastery 2539007.5
Smashx-key-webpMastery 5044009
Slingshot f-key.webpMastery 803000-45006
Rushc-key-webpMastery 1251700-1070016.5
Transformationv-key-webpMastery 22517

Rubber Fruit Combo

Rubber is a preferred fruit for combo attacks and is often experimented with by players. Here are some of the popular combos:

  • Rubber V, Rubber C, Rubber Z, Rubber M1, Superhuman C
  • Rubber M1, Kabucha X, Flash Step, Rubber Z, Superhuman C
  • Rubber V, Rubber C, 1 Rubber M1, Superhuman Z, Rengoku Z, Rubber Z, Superhuman C
  • Saber X Z, Electric C, Rubber C X F
  • Kabucha X, Spikey Trident X, Rubber C (Hold), Godhuman Z C, Rubber F Z

Rubber Fruit Tier List

Despite having many useful move sets and damage capabilities, Rubber only manages to rank in the C-Tier List. Which is the fourth most powerful category in the game (not very high). Love, Smoke, Spring, and Falcon are some other fruits on this list.


You have reached the end of our Game Guide on Rubber fruit. This post revealed all the abilities and movesets of the Rubber along with the best combos out there. It is a decent fruit to be used till Upper Skylands, beyond that it cannot keep up with the rising difficulty. Many rubber moves can trick Instinct but this fruit cannot break Instinct even in its transformed state.


is rubber fruit better than ice fruit?

Choose Rubber if you prioritize defense, unique combos, and disrupting enemies in PvP with a strategic and versatile approach. Go For for Ice if you focus on supporting allies, and controlling enemies, and prefer utility and strategic gameplay, especially in team-based boss fights.

is rubber fruit better than magma fruit?

You can go for Rubber if you prioritize defense, unique combos, and disrupting enemies in PvP, favoring a strategic and versatile play style. And Magma is best for high damage, dominance in battles, and effective AoE clearing, enjoying the mastery perks for offensive dominance and zone control in PvP

is rubber fruit better than light fruit?

Choose Rubber if you appreciate strategic versatility and disrupting opponents, even if it doesn’t always top damage charts. Its unique sword and fruit combos offer creative combat options, adding variety to your play style. Go For the Light if you seek unmatched grinding speed, mobility, and mastering a complex fruit, valuing control and damage potential in PvP, even with the need for practice.

is rubber fruit better than flame fruit?

Rubber Fruit shines as a Defense Tank with high defense and stun immunity, offering resilience in battles. It excels as a Combo Creator, providing unique sword and fruit combos for creative combat. On the other hand, Flame Fruit is a Grinding Champion, excelling in fast leveling and mob clearing, with solid PvP capabilities. It’s ideal for those prioritizing speed, mobility, and offensive combat, especially when mastering advanced techniques.

is rubber fruit better than dark fruit?

Choose Rubber for defense, unique combos, and versatility. Rubber Fruit excels as a Tanky Defender with high defense and stuns immunity, boasting unique sword and fruit combos for creative combat. Dark Fruit, on the other hand, is a Damage Master, packing a punch with powerful moves and excelling in solo duels. A PvP Powerhouse controls and damages enemies with zone control and high damage.

is rubber fruit better than smoke fruit?

Rubber fruit offers creative combat through unique sword and fruit combos. While balanced in PvP with disruptive stuns, it may lack raw damage for solo dominance. Smoke Fruit, on the other hand, is a Stealthy Master, allowing players to turn invisible for ambushes and escapes, ideal for surprise attacks. As a PvP Trickster, it disrupts enemies with stuns and invisibility, but its damage output is comparatively lower.