Rocket Fruit Guide: How To Get & Abilities

Rocket Fruit became part of the colorful world of Blox Fruit after Update 20 by Mygame43 replacing the Kiko fruit.

This is a Natural Type of Fruit with the lowest cost in the game- 5000 dollars or 50 Robux. You can obtain it from the Blox Fruit Dealer, under trees, or at the Wenlock.

Being a rocket, the fruit helps you perform airborne attacks such as Missile Fist and Rocket Crash.

Keep reading this guide to find out all the attacks and combos Rocket Fruit has to offer.

We will also share the pros and cons of using Rocket Fruit in PvP and how to get Rocket Fruit so make sure to read till the end.

Rocket Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

About Rocket Fruit?

Rocket fruit is a natural type of common devil fruit in the blox fruit game. This fruit can help you blow up your opponents in the PvP mode. The ease of availability and low cost make it extremely beginner and pocket-friendly.

This fruit lets you release different air and missile attacks as your mastery increases.

Rocket Fruit
Rocket Fruit
Fruit NameRocket Fruit
Latest UpdateUpdate 20
CodesBlox Fruit Codes
All Fruit Value ListBlox Fruits Value List

Ability of Rocket Fruit

Rocket Fruit gives you four distinct abilities at your disposal. However, you must reach the required mastery to get access to all of them. Here is the ability of each move of this fruit:

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Missile Fistz-key.webpThis move lets you send an advancing missile toward your target. 1
Air Strikex-key-webpThis skill lets you shower rockets on your opponent.20
Rocket Crashc-key-webpYou can create a huge explosion by using this move.50
Blast Offf-key.webpUnlocking this ability will let you glide in the air with the help of rocket explosions.75

Rocket Fruit Moves and combo

Attack NameMoveDamageCoolDown(Seconds)
Missile Fistz-key.webp2680-8
Air Strikex-key-webp3200-11
Rocket Crashc-key-webp3650-15
Blast Offf-key.webpNot tested yet– 7.5

We are sharing some awesome Rocket Fruit Combos by Blox Fruits players:

  • Wando Z, Rocket C, Godhuman Z X C
  • Rocket C, Soul Cane Z, Acidium Rifle Z, M1X, Superhuman Z C
  • Rocket C, CDK Z, Rocket X, CDK X, Godhuman Z X C
  • Wando Z, Rocket C, Godhuman Z while looking up, Wando X, Godhuman X C, Soul Guitar Z
  • Soul Guitar X, Rocket C, CDK Z, Rocket X, CDK X, Sanguine Art Z C X, Rocket Z.

Is rocket fruit good in Blox fruits?

Well, we have compared the advantages and disadvantages of rocket fruit in the below section. It will help you to understand if Rocket Fruit is good or not in the Blox fruit game.

Costing the lowest in the game, Rocket Fruit shows great value for money.If you consider the damage points Rocket Fruit can grant, you will certainly not be motivated to use this fruit in the long run. Missile Fist is hardly able to inflict much damage on your opponents.
You can find Rocket Fruit under the trees free of cost otherwise, the fruit is always available in the game shop. If you use rocket fruit beyond the beginner stages, you might be in for a repeated failure.
The move set and attack style of this fruit is quite simple, making it a go-to choice for new players.The ability, Blast Off is quite laid back despite being the move of maximum mastery level. This makes this move off-putting and unreliable in PvP matches.
This allows you to attack more frequently after you have cooled down.
Despite being the cheapest fruit. Rocket Fruit can induce great damage. This makes it a fine choice for PvP mode in the game’s early stages.

Rocket Fruit Tier List

The Rocket Fruit in Blox Fruits falls under the “C” tier, meaning it’s decent but not top-notch. It’s affordable, lets you explode enemies, and earns you money! But it’s not super powerful for battling players and can get dull.

It’s a cool starter fruit until you find something better! Other tier fruits are Spring (boingy but weak), Rubber (bouncy but harmless), and Love (silly but not useful).


This brings you to the end of our Rocket Fruit Games Guide. Now you know about the special abilities of the fruit and how you can unlock them by advancing mastery. You now have some tested rocket fruit combos by veteran players. On evaluating the pros and cons of the fruit, we will give you one piece of advice: Stick to Rocket Fruit in the beginner stage only.