Spring Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Spring Fruit is an interesting choice of fruit if you enjoy being unpredictable. With the power of the Spring, you can leap right at your opponent and break Instinct. To get this natural type of fruit in your inventory, you must head to the Blox Fruit Dealer and spend 60k dollars or 180 Robux currency.

Spring Fruit might be a good pick if you are new to Blox Fruits. And so, we present to you this Guide, highlighting all the abilities, limitations, stats, and combo of this bouncy little Spring Fruit.

Spring Fruit
Spring Fruit
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What is Spring Fruit?

Spring Fruit is a common fruit in Blox Fruits which offers many notable jump-based moves. With the power of mobility, it is an excellent choice for sword players. It is also great for having some fun and bouncing around aimlessly between grinding. Apart from all this, it is just a natural fruit with no additional immunity.

Spring Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Spring Fruit Abilities

Just like other fruits in the game, you need to increase your mastery level to unlock more Spring Fruit abilities. Being a symbol of spring, most of this item’s abilities are related to bouncing.

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Knock z-key.webpspring knock moveYou can attack your opponent with the help of a bouncy spring arm1
Spring Snipe f-key.webpSpring Spine MoveThis attack makes you jump forward in a straight line, like a spring20
Spring Cannon x-key-webpSpring Canon MoveTurns you into a huge explosive spring cannon50
Spring Leap c-key-webpSpring Empror MoveThis power of the spring lets you jump over walls and obstacles while maintaining a high speed75
Spring Emperor vSpring Leap MoveYou become a hyperactive fighter with your legs turning into springs125

Spring Fruit Moves and Combo

Spring Fruit offers some of the most unpredictable moves in the game. It is important to know the cooldown time of each move, so you can plan your attacks without losing face.

Attack NameMoveDamage (Approx)CoolDown
Spring Leapx-key-webp-6
Spring Snipec-key-webp3130-9
Spring Cannonf-key.webp3900-13.5
Spring Emperorv3500 – 5370-20

Check out these most promising Spring Fruit combos, invented by pro-Blox Fruit Players:

  • Spikey Trident X Z, Godhuman X, Spring F X, Godhuman Z C, Soul Guitar Z, Spikey Trident X, Spring C, Soul Guitar X, Spikey Trident, Spring V Z
  • Dark Blade Z, Spring C X Z, Dark Blade X
  • Electric Claw C Z, Yama X, Acidum Rifle Z, Spring C, Electric Claw X, Spring X V
  • Spring Z X C, Superhuman C, Spring F, Superhuman Z
  • Spring Z, Saber V2 Z X, Spring C X, Superhuman Z, Spring V
  • Spring C X, Z V

Advantage and disadvantage

Cheap and easily obtainable fruit.If we rule out the element of mobility, the damage-dealing capacity of this fruit is pretty low compared to other fruits in the same Tier.
Spring Fruit can surpass Instinct by the use of Spring Cannon.Not great for grinding and PvE mode.
Spring Cannon and Spring Snipe are pretty well-rounded moves providing decent mobility as well as destruction.Spring Emperor is a hard move to deploy and might leave you at a disadvantage against your enemies.
It is easier to dodge enemy attacks and make unpredictable attacks back at them using this fruit.

Spring Fruit Tier List

Spring Fruit falls under the C-Tier List in Blox Fruits which is a comparatively weaker Tier. Some other fruits that have a similar gameplay influence include Rubber, Rocket, and Love.


You have reached the end of our Guide on Spring Fruit. Now you have uncovered the secrets of using Spring Fruit without losing a winning streak in your gameplay. This post guided you through the abilities, move set, damage stats, combos, advantages, disadvantages, and of course the ranking amongst the other fruits. You are now one step closer to becoming a Blox Fruits savant.


is spring fruit better than light fruit?

Spring focuses on mobility, bouncing around for fun, but lacks offensive power and is not ideal for quick mob clearing. In contrast, Light excels as a grinding king, swiftly clearing mobs and leveling up. With unmatched flight speed at max health, it provides unparalleled mobility. While Spring may be chosen for bouncy fun and exploration, Light is the preferred option for fast leveling, efficient grinding, and enjoying exceptional mobility and flight freedom, with PvP potential requiring some mastery.

is spring fruit better than ice fruit?

In Blox Fruits, Spring edges out Ice, but it’s a close competition. Spring masters mobility with entertaining bouncing and decent travel speed. While it handles mobs reasonably well, it lacks raw power in PvP. On the other hand, Ice excels in crowd control, freezing, and immobilizing foes for support. It handles mobs decently and shines in slowing bosses. Ice provides utility in PvP by freezing opponents for teammates, despite its weaker damage output.

is spring fruit better than rocket fruit?

Spring is about having a blast with movement, letting you bounce around for exploration and quick getaways. It handles mobs okay and can mess with foes in PvP, even though the damage isn’t top-notch. Meanwhile, Rocket shines in speedy leveling and grinding, spinning for frequent fruit chances. It brings some luck into the game, offering a shot at high-tier fruits but with inconsistent PvP results. If you dig having a good time with the movement and PvP antics, even with lower damage, go for Spring.

is spring fruit better than dark fruit?

Spring, with bouncy moves, suits those who prioritize fun movement and PvP disruption despite lower damage. Dark, a damage dealer with PvP potential, appeals to those focused on high damage, engaging in battles, and controlling the battlefield.

is spring fruit better than flame?

Spring’s bouncing brings enjoyable exploration and escapes but lacks potent damage for quick mob clearing. It disrupts foes in PvP but struggles in direct fights. Flame excels in early-game grinding, aerial mobility, and PvP damage with mastery.