Spirit Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

With the use of Spirit Fruit, you can summon spirits to deploy unique attacks. The main concept of Spirit is divided between hell and heaven. This fruit comes with two buddies Ra (Demon) and Shu (Angel). In addition to them, there are a lot more hell (Toxic Mushroom, Toad, Cursed Tree) and heaven (Star, Flying Pig) buddies. The high damage and attack range make it perfect for grinding. You can fetch this fruit by spending 3,400,000 dollars or 2550 Robux Currency.

While Spirit is a versatile fruit, you might want to avoid it initially due to high Mastery requirements. This guide will cover all the abilities and stats of Spirit.

Spirit Fruit
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What is Spirit Fruit?

Spirit is a natural type of fruit with mythical rarity. This fruit lets you use fire and ice-based attacks associated with hell and heaven. Spirit Bar, Heaven & Hell, and Buddies are the three passive skills of Spirit. In addition to this, you can deploy five powerful moves- Frostfire Grasp, Wrath of Ra, Wrath of Shu, End of Times, and Sky Ruler. There is no awakening or transformation mode for Spirit fruit.

Spirit is an all-rounder fruit ideal for PvP, raids, and grinding (if you can handle knockback). You can acquire this fruit from the Blox Fruits Dealer or by Trading.

Spirit Fruit Abilities and Moves

MovesAbility TypeAboutDamage (Approx)
Spirit BarPassiveLets you summon a buddy when the spirit bar fills
Heaven and HellPassiveYou have two buddies Angel Shu and Demon Ra. These are supportive and destructive respectively.
BuddiesPassiveYou can summon a random heaven or hell buddy
TapNormalLets you call a hell buddy when the bar is at red and heaven buddy when the bar is at blue
[Z] Frostfire GraspMastery 1Lets you ride on Shu and fly around4150
[F] Sky RulerMastery 75You can use one of your buddies to fly
[X] Wrath of RaMastery 150Ra deploys massive fire damage7370
[C] Wrath of ShuMastery 250It lets you ride on Shu and deploy powerful ice attacks4000
[V] End of TimesMastery 350A combo attack of Shu and Ra causes mass destruction10370

Spirit Fruit Combo

Here are some most brutal Spirit Fruit Combos created by players:

  • Godhuman X Z, Spirit C X V, Spikey Trident X, Godhuman C, Spirit Z
  • Spirit C, V, Sharkman Karate C, Midnight Blade Z, Spirit X
  • Spirit C, Godhuman Z C, Spikey Trident X, Godhuman X, Spirit V
  • Flash Step, Soul Guitar X, Spirit C X V, Spikey Trident X, Godhuman X Z C, Spirit Z
  • Spirit C V, Spikey Trident X, Electric Claw Z X C, Spirit Z X
  • Spirit C, Sharkman Karate X, Z, C, Spikey Trident X, Spirit V (Hold)

Spirit Fruit Tier List

Due to its outstanding skillset and versatile attack range Spirit marks its place in the S Tier of Blox Fruits (most powerful category). Dragon, Ice, Dough, Venom, and Phoenix are some other fruits in this Tier.


Thank you for reading our Spirit Fruit Guide. Now you have all the stats for using Spirit Fruit efficiently in your Blox Fruits gameplay. For its versatile ranged attacks and summoning powers, it is ideal for grinding and PvP modes, especially on higher Mastery levels.


is spirit fruit better than buddha?

Choose Spirit if you enjoy using swords, mastering challenging fruits, and achieving high PvP damage with unique combos.

Go For Buddha if your priorities include defense, efficient leveling through fast mob clearing, and surviving raids. Keep in mind that solo battles may be more challenging due to limited offensive options.

is spirit fruit better than dough?

Choose Spirit if you prioritize mobility, unique combos, and mastering a challenging fruit for burst damage in PvP. Go for Dough if your main priorities are defense, efficient grinding, and a straightforward PvP approach with disruption and decent damage.

is spirit fruit better than magma?

Choose Spirit if you enjoy mastering challenging fruits, unique movement, and disrupting enemies with stuns and teleports in PvP. This choice is perfect for those who appreciate advanced techniques and mind games.

Choose Magma if your priorities include high damage, area-of-effect attacks, and fast grinding speed. It excels in dominating battles with offensive power and zone control.

is spirit fruit better than light?

Choose Spirit if you appreciate versatile combat, mobility, and mastering a complex fruit with a mix of melee and sword attacks. It suits those who enjoy diverse combat options and balanced PvP performance.

Choose Light if you prioritize unmatched grinding speed, superior mobility, and mastering a challenging fruit. This option provides control and damage potential in PvP, requiring practice for optimal performance.

is spirit fruit better than venom?

Choose Spirit if you prioritize defense, unique combos, and disrupting enemies in PvP. It’s perfect for those who enjoy strategic combat and building creative combos.

Choose Venom if you prefer a more offensive approach, with high damage, zone control, and mastering a challenging fruit that inflicts Damage over Time (DoT) effects.

is spirit fruit better than shadow?

Choose Spirit if you lean towards swordplay, mobility, and mastering diverse combos while preferring a balanced approach with both damage and utility in PvP. Choose Shadow if you prioritize high damage, controlling the battlefield, and solo dominance, enjoying the challenge of mastering a fruit for offensive power in PvP.