Buddha Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Buddha Fruit is yet another legendary fruit that comes under the beast category. Like quake fruit, this fruit is also very hard to find and it can’t be found at any sea. You get this fruit from the Blox fruit dealer at the price of 1200000$ or in exchange for 1650 Robux.

If you want to become a master of this fruit then you should read this article. In this article, we are going to explain the abilities, damage and combo, showcases, tier list, pros and cons, and comparison of this fruit with other fruits. All of this information will help you to become a master of Smoke fruit.

Buddha Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos
Buddha Fruit
Buddha Fruit
Fruit NameBuddha Fruit
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Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Transformz-key.webpBuddha Transform MoveWith the help of the transform move, the player becomes almost 3 times of there usual size, surrounded by a golden aura, this move grants the theme a 40% reduction in damage and receives a reach of 5x that of a normal player. 1
Impactx-key-webpBuddha Impact MoveIn this move, the player makes a bright light ball, touches the ground, and causes a big explosion to push away enemies. It takes time to start and only works in Buddha form.20
Buddha Leapc-key-webpBuddha Leap MoveIn this move, the player leaps into the air and lands to point the cursor. Which creates a shockwave that damages a lot to the enemy side. 50
Buddha Explosionf-key.webpBuddha Explosion moveIn this move, players transform themselves into a big yellow charger for 0.5 seconds and then do a large explosion around them. Which impact huge damage around enemies.75

Combos & Moves

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewPrice(Fragments)DescriptionMastery
Shiftz-key.webpBuddha Shift Move500The player transforms into a giant golden Buddha surrounded by symbols. A lightning strike damages nearby players, except allies. No damage happens in water, enabling special moves. Damage reduction increases by 50%, stacking with Aura. Jumping hurts enemies, breaking their Instinct ability. This move can collect fruits under tables.1
Heavenly Impactx-key-webpBuddha heavenly Impact Move3000The player hits the ground with their fist, causing a bright explosion.1
Light of Annihilationc-key-webpBuddha Light of Annihilation Move4000The player collects energy and then explodes with a big blast, shooting a light beam from their mouth to deal damage.100
Twilight of the GodsVTwilight of the goda move5000In this move player shoots the light beams and creates explosions ending with a damaging light column. 200
Retribution Dashf-key.webpRetribution Dash2000With this move the player dashes, leaving a light trail. If they touch an enemy, they lift and slam them, taking no damage during the attack.0

Is Buddha Fruit Good In Blox Fruits?

The Buddha Fruit is very flexible and useful in many situations.When you’re transformed, you become a larger target, making it easier for enemies to hit you.
It’s widely considered the best for Raids and grinding in the Second and Third Seas.Transforming can mess up your combos because some moves don’t work well in this state.
The X, C, and V moves break opponents’ Instinct abilities.Buddha Raids are tough and among the most difficult challenges in the game.
The M1 hitbox increase helps players using Swords and Fighting Styles.When awakened, your hitbox becomes considerably larger, making you an easier target for opponents.
The Buddha Fruit is great for learning how to fight with your hands or swords. It’s okay to practice with guns too. Start by using hands or swords for damage, then switch to guns to finish the job.
Buddha Fruit makes you take less damage, and this protection gets even better when you use Aura and special items.

Blox Fruit Tier List

Buddha Fruit falls under the S-tier category due to its versatile abilities, high damage, and effectiveness in various in-game activities like raids and grinding. Similar fruits in the S-tier include Flame, Dark, and Light Fruits. These fruits are top-tier, offering powerful attacks and useful features, making them highly valued by players.


Buddha fruit is one of the best fruits of blox fruit which gives you super power to defeat your enemies. So this is all about this article. I hope you have got enough information to become the master of this Buddha fruit. If you have any questions or doubts then let us into the comment section.


Is Buddha fruit better than light?

Choose Buddha for easy and quick grinding, along with high durability. Ideal if you like supporting allies and AFK farming. Pick Light if you’re into unmatched mobility, speedy leveling, mastering a challenging fruit, and seeking control and damage potential in PvP, even with some practice.

Is Buddha fruit better than magma?

Choose Buddha for a laid-back, chill experience, prioritizing tackiness, supporting allies, and enjoying group activities. Choose Magma if you’re into AoE damage, offensive power, and dominating in PvP, particularly if you prefer mastering a fruit for zone control and high damage.

Is Buddha fruit better than dough?

Pick Buddha for a strong defense, survival, and a relaxed grinding approach, especially if you enjoy supporting allies in PvP. Choose Dough if you aim for high damage, battlefield control, and mastering combos to dominate in PvP.

Is Buddha fruit better than ghost?

Go with Buddha for a strong defense, relaxed grinding, and Afk play, especially if you prioritize survivability. Choose Ghost if you like surprise attacks, invisibility, and disruptive tactics, and prefer engaging PvP with an evasive and support-oriented approach.

Is Buddha fruit better than love fruit?

Choose Buddha for durability, easy grinding, and a relaxed PvP style, especially if you prioritize supporting allies. If you seek high damage, then go for Love Fruit (Awakened) dominating battles, and offensive play, enjoying the challenge of mastering a complex fruit for PvP dominance.

Is Buddha fruit better than Blizzard?

Choose Buddha for strong defense, quick grinding, and versatile support in both PvE and PvP. Choose Blizzard if you prioritize controlling enemies, strategic support, and balanced gameplay, especially if you plan to team up and utilize its utility potential.