Control Fruit Guide: How To Get & Abilities

If you want to threaten your enemy with shockwaves and stun the enemy area with an earthquake then you should use Control fruit. This article will explore all the power, ability, and moves set of control fruit.

There are various methods to get this fruit like trading your fruit that has the same value as control fruit or you can buy this fruit from a Blox fruit dealer. To Buy this fruit you have to give 3,20,000$ to the Blox fruit dealer or you can get it in exchange for 2500 Robux.

Control Fruit
Control Fruit
Fruit NameControl Fruit
Robux2500 Robux
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Control Fruit Wiki

Control Fruit is a Natural type of mythical devil fruit. This fruit gives you the power of Gravity Slam, Earthquake, Gravity Slam, and more. And what can you do with these move sets we will see them in the ability section.

Control Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos


Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Control Areaz-key.webpControl Area MoveIn this move, the player creates an area by holding z to make a big area. When this move is used with the sword it does massive damage to enemies.1
Levitate x-key-webpLevitate MoveIn this move player levitates an object or part of an object by releasing the x key.1
Echo Knifec-key-webpEcho Knife MoveIn this move, the player launches a laido strike and hits the enemy then it performs multiple slashes cutscenes on the enemy.150
Gamma RushGamma Rush In this move, the player launches a projectile towards their cursor. When it hit the enemy projectile launches the green slashes in the room to do more damage.350
Teleportf-key.webpTeleportIn this move, you can teleport yourself toward the cursor.250

Advantages and Disadvantages

In the Blox Fruits game, Control Fruit helps by letting you control computer characters, making them fight bosses, explore, and finish tasks.The control effect doesn’t last long on NPCs or players. You have to keep applying it to keep the advantage, which can be tough in fast situations or against speedy enemies.
In PvP combat, you can control other players’ movements, creating chances for attacks or messing up their plans. This gives you a big advantage in skilled fights or wild battles.Control fruit’s strong abilities take a while to recharge. This means you can’t use them all the time, so you need other strategies or fruits during cooldown periods.
You can solve puzzles or bypass hazards in different areas by controlling specific creatures or objects. This makes exploring more fun and helps you find secret places.Using Control well needs lots of focus and being aware of what’s happening. This can be tough, especially in intense PvP battles where things change quickly.
Control has cool moves like body slams and mind control blasts, giving you a unique style in fights compared to other fruits.When you use Control abilities, you’re open to attacks for a short time. Skilled opponents can take advantage of this and counter your moves easily.
Control isn’t just for fighting. You can use it to gather resources, move things around, or reach hidden spots. This makes the game more interesting and adds exploration fun.Control works best when there are NPCs or other players around to control. In solo situations or empty areas, the fruit isn’t as useful.

Control Fruit Tier List

The Control fruit falls under the “S-Tier” category in Blox Fruits, considered very powerful. Its ability to manipulate characters and environments gives a strategic edge. Other S-Tier fruits include Dark, Light, and Buddha, known for exceptional abilities, making them sought after in the game for their strength and versatility.


So it was all about the control fruit. I hope you have got the information that you were looking for. We have shared control wiki, move set, ability, and their advantages and disadvantages as well. But if you still have any questions or queries then let us know in the comment section. Our team will try to solve your queries as soon as possible.