Diamond Fruit Guide: How To Get & Abilities

Diamond Fruit lets you play around with abilities like Diamond Hail, letting you pierce your enemy with multiple diamond shards. This fruit also comes with a passive immunity called Encrustation which gets you 25% buff while defending yourself.

Blox Fruit Dealer sells diamond fruit for 600k dollars or 1000 Robux.

Overall, the Diamond is a well-rounded fruit providing efficient mobility and attack range. With its excellent defense boost, it is ideal for use in Fruit Raids.

If you wish to master the art of using Diamond Fruit in Blox Fruits, this guide will assist you well.

Diamond Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Diamond Fruit Wiki

Diamond Fruit is a natural fruit with uncommon rarity. Apart from a passive ability, Diamond offers four unique move sets: Encrust, Beaming Tackle, Diamond Hail, and Solar Flare. All these moves involve qualities that relate to the properties of an actual diamond. For now, there is no awakening mode for Diamond.

Diamond Fruit
Diamond Fruit
Fruit NameDiamond Fruit
Robux1000 Robux
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Diamond Fruit Abilities

Looking at a glance, you can immediately know that Diamond has very limited moves compared to other uncommon fruits out there. The core strength of Diamond makes it durable against players relying on sword and gun attacks.

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Encrustation Passive abilityProvides you 25% defense buff protecting you from opponent attacks.
Encrust zEncrustTurns you into a diamond.1
Beaming Tackle x-key-webpBeaming TackleYou dash towards your target, dragging them away with great force.1
Diamond Hail c-key-webpDiamond Hail MoveYour hands become the shooting source of multiple diamond fragments, injuring your opponent.80
Solar Flare vSolar Flare MoveLets you blind your opponent by releasing a flashy white light in a large area range.110

Diamond Fruit Moves and Combo

Attack NameMoveDamage (Approx)CoolDown
Beaming Tacklex-key-webp3100-9
Diamond Hailc-key-webp950-5000-13.5
Solar Flaref-key.webp3570-19

Since there are only 3 viable attack moves by Diamond, you will find these player-crafted combos particularly useful:

  • Diamond C, Dark Blade Z X, Godhuman X C Z
  • Pole (2nd Form) Z X, Diamond C X, Superhuman Z C, Flash Step, Superhuman X
  • Electric Claw C Z (up), Yama X (down), Diamond C X, Acidum Rifle Z, Diamond V, Electric Claw X
  • Diamond C (hold) X, Sharkman Karate C, Spikey Trident X Z, Sharkman Karate X Z
  • Soul Guitar Z, CDK X (Hold), Diamond V, Godhuman (Superhuman) Z, Diamond X

Advantages And Disadvantages

With the Diamond fruit, your attacks break through enemy defenses easily, just like a powerful drill cutting through rocks. Even heavily armored foes can’t withstand your strikes.Diamond attacks are slow and heavy, requiring precise timing. If you miss, it feels like trying to move a huge mountain boulder – slow and awkward.
Diamond moves, especially the awakened ones, deal massive damage, often taking down enemies with just one well-aimed hit. It’s like delivering a knockout punch.The powerful Diamond moves and uses up a lot of mana quickly. It’s like using diamonds as fuel – it burns bright but doesn’t last long.
When you transform into a temporary diamond form, you can defend strategically and bounce back enemy attacks by reflecting themThe powerful Diamond moves uses up a lot of mana quickly. It’s like using diamonds as fuel – it burns bright but doesn’t last long. It’s not as good at taking down a whole group of enemies quickly, like a powerful storm sweeping through a crowd.
Diamond attacks combine all three elements, so they can break through enemies’ shields and take advantage of their weaknesses to specific elements.
If you only focus on attacking with the Diamond fruit, it makes you more at risk of getting hurt. If you make a mistake, especially when facing aggressive enemies, it’s like dropping a valuable diamond – you could get broken or defeated easily.

Diamond Fruit Tier List

Despite having a limited range of attacks, Diamond manages to hold a place on the B-Tier of Blox Fruits Tier List. This is the third-strongest category in Blox Fruits. Other fruits in this Tier are Door, Paw, Sand, Ice, and Gravity Revive.


You have made it to the end of our Diamond Fruit Guide. You now have all the reasons to consider or not consider Diamond Fruit next time you play Blox Fruits. If you struggle with dodging enemy attacks, this fruit will help you in grinding and game progression despite limited abilities. Using Diamond Combos can easily solve the problem of low attack stats.