Sand Fruit Guide: How To Get & Abilities

Sand fruit is another uncommon fruit in the blox fruit game. You can find this fruit at the Sandy Island biome which is located at the second sea. You can buy this fruit from Blox fruit dealer with a price of 420,000 or in exchange for 850 Robux.

If you want to become a master of sand fruit then you should read this article. In this article, we are going to explain the abilities, damage and combo, showcases, tier list, pros and cons, and comparison of this fruit with other fruits. All of this information will help you to become a master of Sand fruit.

Sand Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

What is Sand Fruit

This devil fruit is known as Logia-type fruit. And like the ice fruit, this sand fruit also comes in 2 versions unawakened and awakened. Speaking about the power of this fruit then it gives you full control over the sand. You can throw spears made of sand, huge Sandstrom or even you can turn into quicksand to mess with your enemies.

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The ability of Sand Fruit

As I told you earlier in this article. This fruit comes in 2 versions unawakened and awakened. So we have shared moves of both versions. But let me remind you that awakened version moves are paid. You will know the price in the table.

Unawakened Version

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Desert Swordz-key.webpDesert Sword MoveWith the attack, you can make a burst of sand, and hit your enemies that will send them into the air.1
Desert Funeralx-key-webpDesert Funeral MoveIn this attack, you can turn your legs into sand which allows you to fly at a slow pace.40
Sand Tornadoc-key-webpSand Tornado MoveWith the help of this move, you can create a small tornado that will help to defeat your enemies80
Heavy Sand
Heavy Sand MoveIn this attack, you can create a ball of sand and attack to your opponent120
Sand FlightFSand FlightIn this attack, you can create a ball of sand and attack your opponent15

Awakened Version

Attack NameControl KeysPrice(Fragments)PreviewDescriptionMastery
Desert Bladez-key.webp500Desert Blade MoveWith this attack, you can make a powerful burst of sand which travels very fast in a straight line. By hitting this move to your enemy do more damage to him.1
Sand Coffinx-key-webp3000Sand Coffin MoveIn this move, you throw a two piles of sand to your enemy and if it hits him he will be trapped in the sand.40
SandStormc-key-webp4000Sand StromSandstrom creates a big tornado with the help of sand that moves slowly forward. And if your enemy is caught in this then it will do more damage to him.120
Deep Sand
5000Deep SandIn a deep sand attack, you create a ball of sand with lightning and throw it to your opponent, if it hits your enemy then it will explode with a shockwave of sand and do more heavy damage to your enemy.120
Tornado FlightF2000Tornado Flight MoveIn this attack, you can turn your legs into sand which allows you to fly at a slow pace.15

Is Sand Fruit Good In Blox Fruits?

The dessert blade is a good move of sand fruit because it covers a wide area and works well from a distance.In water, the Sand Fruit gets hurt more, but if you have the Shark Race, it helps you not take as much damage.
It’s useful for fighting tough Bosses because it stuns them and deals good damage.When flying, the Sand Fruit moves slowly, both before and after awakening, unlike other fruits with faster flight abilities.
It’s good for beginners, dealing decent damage and making it easier to play.When using Sand X, only one enemy can be harmed at a time, except for Cyborg V3, requiring careful move timing.
You won’t get hurt by certain enemies with Elemental powers.The Sand X move focuses on one player, making you vulnerable to attacks from others and not great for fighting multiple enemies.
The moves are fast and hit well when awakened.
The Heavy Sand move is fast and deals good damage.

Sand Fruit Tier Lists

Sand Fruit is categorized as an S-tier Devil Fruit in Blox Fruits due to its excellent combo potential, damage, and versatility in both PvE and PvP. Other fruits in the same category include Light Fruit, Dark Fruit, and Magma Fruit.


So this is all about the sand fruit. I have shared all the information about sand fruit guides, tier lists, abilities, and combos. I hope you will like the information. If you have more queries and questions then let us know in the comment section.