Mammoth Fruit Guide: How To Get & Abilities

Mammoth Fruit gives you the chance to transform into a prehistoric beast and smash your opponents with style. Colossal Crusher, for instance, is a powerful move that lets you smash down your target with great force.

This fruit has two passive immunity powers- Prehistoric Jump and Ancient Armor. To get a hold of this fruit you need to spend 2350 Robux or 2,700,000 dollars.

Using Mammoth is quite advantageous in sea events. If you are attracted to using this fruit, our Mammoth Fruit Guide might be just the thing for you.

What is Mammoth Fruit?

Mammoth is a beast type of fruit with Mythical rarity. This means it is quite difficult to obtain. In its untransformed state Mammoth fruit can deliver five distinct beast-type abilities which are Ancient Cutter, True Prehistoric Punt, Colossal Crusher, Stampede, and Transformation. These powers grant you the ability to deal damage in the form of stumping over your opponent. Finally, the transformation ability makes your character armored and increases the intensity of the other four moves.

While Mammoth is capable of transformation, there is no awakening mode in the fruit. The damage-dealing potential makes Mammoth ideal for Raid Bosses and Event Races. This fruit is also particularly helpful in PvP mode, doing insane amounts of damage to your opponents. You can obtain this fruit by trading or buying from the Blox Fruit Dealer.

Mammoth Fruit
Mammoth Fruit
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Mammoth Fruit Abilities

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Ancient Cutterz-key.webpAncient Cutter MoveYou turn into a mammoth and hit a series of three-cutting attacks on your opponent.1
True Prehistoric Puntx-key-webpTrue Prehistoric Punt MoveTransform into a mammoth and dash with your opponent at a high speed.50
Colossal Crusherc-key-webpColossal Crusher MoveYou can collide with your opponent at a much higher rate than True Prehistoric Punt.100
Stampedef-key.webpTransfromation MoveLets you jump in a forward motion as you land, and a large crater is created in the ground.200
TransformationvStampede MoveUpscales your character with protective armor.300

Mammoth Fruit Transformed Abilities

After you activate the Transformation at Mastery 300, you unlock a normal attack that can be performed by simply tapping the screen or clicking your cursor. All the existing five attacks are further upscaled upon transformation and you can deal much more damage. Finally, you unlock these two passive moves:

[Space] Prehistoric JumpPassive ImmunityThis special move is activated when you press the space key. This move lets you jump, resulting in the creation of a huge shock wave.
Ancient ArmorPassive ImmunityUpon transformation, your character develops an armor that increases the damage protection by 60.5%

Mammoth Fruit Awakened Moves and Combo

While we don’t have the exact damage stats of Mammoth fruit, we present to you some popular combinations created by players:

  • Mammoth C, Yama X (Up), Death Step C Z, Mammoth Z X, Death Step X (Up)
  • Mammoth Z X, Twin Hooks Z, Mammoth C, Soul Guitar X Z (Down), Dragon Talon X Z, Twin Hooks X, Dragon Talon C
  • Mammoth C (look up), Shark Anchor X (Flash Step down) Z, Mammoth X (optional) C
  • Mammoth C, Cursed Dual Katana Z X, Godhuman X Z C, Mammoth Z X
  • Mammoth C, Sharkman Karate X C, Spikey Trident X, Acidum Rifle Z, Sharkman Karate Z, Mammoth Z X

Mammoth Fruit Tier List

Due to its high damage stats and protective armor, this fruit has marked its place in the A-Tier of Blox Fruits. This is the second-strongest Tier to exist in the game. Other fruits in this Tier are Rumble, Magma, Light Flame, and Phoenix.


This marks the end of our Mammoth Fruit Guide. Now you know about all the key abilities and immunities of Mammoth and can use them to improve your Blox Fruits gameplay experience.