Rumble Fruit Guide: How To Get & Abilities

With the power of Lightning moves, this fruit leaves your opponents rumbling. Lightning Dash is a veteran move that lets you travel with the speed of light. In addition to this, Rumble provides you an elemental immunity against guns and swords. It is difficult to get your hands on this fruit, as you need to spend a heavy price of 2,100,000 dollars or 2100 Robux to the fruit dealer.

While this fruit is extremely versatile, you need this game guide to understand the core moves, skillsets, and awakening process of Rumble fruit.

Rumble Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Rumble Fruit Wiki

Rumble is a kind of elemental fruit with legendary rarity in the Blox fruit game. Initially, the fruit offers an unawakened mode where you can unlock five major moves: Rumble Dragon, Lightning Dash, Sky Thunder, Sky Beam, and Thunder Bomb.

To unlock the awaken mode you need to spend a special game currency called fragments. You need a total of 14,500 fragments to awaken completely and if you wish to have the 2nd form as well, then 19,500 fragments.

Rumble Fruit
Rumble Fruit
Fruit NameRumble Fruit
Robux2350 Robux
Check ValueRumble Fruit Value
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Rumble Fruit Abilities

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Elemental Reflex Elemental immunityImmunity from all physical weapon attacks except for aura-based and higher-level NPC.
Rumble Dragonz-key.webpRumble Dragon MoveYour opponent/surrounding gets hit by a lightning dragon.1
Lightning Dashx-key-webpLightning MoveLets you travel by the speed of light.30
Sky Thunderc-key-webpSky Thunder MoveIt lets you hit your opponent with huge lightning bolts.90
Sky Beam
Sky Beam MoveA super effective move where your enemy is hit by a huge beam of lightning gushing down from the sky.160
Thunder BombvThunder Bomb MoveLets you hit your enemy with a supercharged lightning sphere.250

Rumble Fruit Awaken Mode Abilities

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewPrice (Fragments)DescriptionMastery
Lightning Beastz-key.webpLightning Beast500It is a more precise form of the Rumble Dragon. A lightning beast hits down your opponent.1
Thunderstormx-key-webpThunderstorm Move2000Lets to teleport in your preferred direction.30
Sky Judgementc-key-webpSky Judgement Move3000It showers your vicinity with random jolts of thunder, damaging the opponent who stands in your way.90
Thunderball Destruction
Thunderball Destruction Move4000A huge and long-lasting lightning bolt struck down from the sky.160
Electric FlashvElectric Flash Move5000Lets you create a massive lightning ball of destruction.250

Rumble Fruit Moves Damage

MoveAttack KeyDamage (Approx)
Rumble DragonZ2580
Sky ThunderX4480
Sky BeamC4310
Thunder BombV5170

Rumble Fruit Awakened Combo & Damage

MoveAttack KeyDamage (Approx)
Lightning BeastZ2860
Sky JudgementC4100
Thunderball DestructionV5600

These are some tested and tried combos that offer you even more versatile attacks:

  • Rumble X, True Triple Katana X Z, Godhuman Z C X
  • Rumble X, Cyborg v3, Dark Blade X Z, Sanguine Art Z X C
  • Rumble X, Yama X Z, Godhuman Z C X
  • Rumble X C, Soul Cane Z, Godhuman Z C X (tap)
  • Rumble X, Cyborg v3, Rengoku X Z, Electric Claw X C

Advantages and Disadvantages

Rumble’s earthquake attacks hit many enemies together, dealing huge damage and making the battlefield shake. This is super helpful when there are lots of opponents to face.Rumble’s strong moves use a lot of stamina, so players need to be careful not to run out during a fight, as being unable to use moves can be a big disadvantage.
Rumble’s punches can be linked together smoothly, allowing players to create long combinations that deal massive damage, especially handy when facing tough bosses.Some Rumble moves work better in specific areas, limiting their effectiveness in certain places, making it important to choose the right moves for each situation.
Some Rumble moves change the surroundings, like creating cracks or raising platforms, giving strategic advantages in battles by controlling the battlefield.If not used carefully, some Rumble moves can hurt the player too, like the Thor ability, so players need to be cautious to avoid hurting themselves.
With the help of Rumble Fruit, you can do powerful punches, attacks that reach far, and even throw things at enemies. This makes Rumble good for different fights and adds excitement to the game.Rumble fruit is weaker than Electric and Gum Devil Fruits. If your enemy has this fruit then you need to be careful while fighting.
Rumble has moves that can stun or push enemies away, messing up their attacks and giving them chances to do more combos and damage.Most Rumble moves need players to be up close to deal damage, putting them at risk against enemies with long-range attacks.

Rumble Fruit Tier List

Rumble is a super strong fruit with an awakening mode that has righteously earned its place in the S-Tier List. You will also find fruits like Venom, Dragon, Leopard, and Blizzard in this category.


You have reached the end of our Rumble Fruit Guide. You are now familiar with all the unawakened and awakened abilities associated with this fruit. Using the combos we have shared will help you corner your opponents well in PvP mode and grinding.