Gravity Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Gravity is a difficult fruit to master despite having some of the finest moves like Meteors Rain. This unforgiving attack lets you unleash the force of a meteor shower dropping on your opponent. Most of the Gravity powers include heavy things falling from the sky. You can get a hold of this fruit by visiting the Blox Fruit Dealer and spending an amount of 2300 Robux or 2,500,000 dollars. 

If you wish to master the craft of using this Mythical Fruit, this game guide will be particularly useful to you.

Gravity Fruit
Gravity Fruit
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What is Gravity Fruit?

Gravity Fruit is a natural type of fruit with a mythical rarity. Currently, this fruit can wield five unique attacks. All these powers include the use of earth’s gravity to smash your enemy down on the ground. Gravity Push is the most basic skill of this fruit that lets you send your enemy packing backward in a swift motion. The attack motion only increases after this move, making Gravity Obeisance, Meteor Pitch, Meteors Rain, and Boulder Flight highly effective moves.

Gravity Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Out of these powers, Boulder Flight is a flying move that gives you the ability of levitation. 

Unfortunately, there is no awakened mode for Gravity for now. Yet the capability of breaking Instinct and having good damage-dealing powers make it suitable for PvP mode. You can buy this fruit from Blox Fruit Dealer or trade it (for third-sea and second-sea players only).

Gravity Fruit Abilities

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Gravity Push z-key.webpGravity Push MoveLets you create a gravitation force so strong that your opponent stumbles backward with huge force.1
Boulder Flight f-key.webpBoulder Flight MoveYou can stand on a boulder and fly around.25
Gravity Obeisancex-key-webpGravity Obeisance moveGives you the ability to create a crater beneath you, trapping and damaging any enemies nearby.50
Meteor Pitchc-key-webpMetro Pitch MoveLets you launch a purple-colored meteor force that hits the opponent you aim at.75
Meteors RainvMetro Rain MoveSimilar to Meteor Pitch, expect you can bombard the enemy with much more massive meteors.125

Gravity Fruit Combo

Blox Fruits players have successfully crafted a variety of combos that let you make a solid impact on your opponents. We are sharing some of the best ones here:

  • Dragon Trident X, Soul Guitar X, Gravity V X, Dragon Trident Z, Gravity Z, Ghoul race ability, repeat
  • Superhuman C, Spikey Trident X, Serpent Bow X, Gravity V X [hold], Superhuman Z
  • Godhuman C, Spikey Trident X, Acidum Rifle X M1, Gravity X, Acidum Rifle Z M1, Godhuman Z X, Gravity Z
  • Soul Cane X Z, Acidum Rifle Z, Gravity C X (Dash), Superhuman Z C
  • Electric Claw C, Dark Dagger Z (Aim Up), Electric Claw Z (Aim up), Kabucha X (Aim down), Gravity V (down, land in the ground) X (Hold), Electric Claw X, Dark Dagger X
  • Gravity Cane Z X, (Flash Step if needed), Gravity X Z

Gravity Fruit Tier List

Gravity is placed on the B-Tier of the Blox Fruits Tier List. This is the most centralized category of Blox Fruits. Despite having many strong moves, the lack of passive immunity and awakening mode keeps it on this ranking. There are also some fruit that comes from B-Tier these are Diamond,Ice,Smoke,Sand,Magma, and Love. All of these fruits have different abilities according to the game situation.


This is the end of our Gravity Fruit Guide. Now you are aware of all the advantages you will receive by using this mythical fruit. While this might not be the best option for grinding, it is still a very decent choice for PvP.


is gravity fruit better than magma?

Choose Gravity if you prioritize controlling enemies, strategic defense, and supporting allies, enjoying the manipulation of the battlefield and combos. Choose Magma if you prefer AoE damage, offensive power, and crowd control, aiming to dominate in PvP with wide-range attacks and mastery perks.

is gravity fruit better than light fruit?

Choose Gravity if you prioritize supporting allies, controlling enemies, and strategic play, enjoying disruption over raw damage in PvP. Choose Light if you prefer unmatched grinding speed, mobility, and mastering a complex fruit, valuing control and damage potential in PvP, even if it takes practice.

is gravity fruit better than Buddha fruit?

Choose Gravity if you enjoy creative combos, mobility, and disrupting enemies in PvP, with a focus on mastering a unique fruit and strategic combat. Choose Buddha if your priorities include defense, fast leveling, and dominating large groups of enemies, and you prefer a simpler playstyle without advanced PvP options.

Is Gravity Fruit better than Phoenix Fruit?

Choose Gravity if you prioritize defense, controlling enemies, and using unique combos in PvP while enjoying strategic gameplay and supporting allies. Choose Phoenix if your priorities are survivability, mobility, and good damage output, and you enjoy assisting teammates while mastering advanced flying techniques in PvP.

is gravity fruit better than ice fruit?

Choose Gravity if you prioritize controlling enemies, creative combos, and strategic disruption, and enjoy mastering unique mechanics. Choose Ice if your focus is on supporting allies, and controlling enemies, and you plan to team up for boss fights while preferring utility and slowing down enemies over direct damage.

is gravity fruit better than flame fruit?

Choose Gravity if you prioritize unique control, strategic combos, and disrupting enemies, enjoying the challenge of mastering a complex fruit. Choose Flame if your focus is on fast leveling, mobility, and dealing with damage, and you prefer a more straightforward offensive approach with easy-to-use moves.