Leopard Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Leopard fruit combines the best abilities of a human and a leopard by offering five distinct powers like Spiraling Kick. This move lets you inflict massive damage on your opponent by kicking a spiraling air blade towards them. That’s not all, Leopard has three additional passive abilities. Leopard is the second most expensive fruit in the game and will snatch 5,000,000 dollars/ 3000 Robux from you.

Despite its heavy price, players hunt down this fruit for its excellent attack and mobility skills. This game guide will cover all these skills in detail.

Leopard Fruit
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What is Leopard Fruit?

Leopard is a Beast type of fruit with mythical rarity. This fruit combines the sharp instinct of a beast with a human by offering five effective moves- Finger Revolver, Spiraling Kick, Afterimage Assault, Body Flicker, and of course Transformation. That’s right, Leopard fruit can be further evolved on reaching Mastery Level 300. However, the fruit doesn’t have an awaken mode. But it has three more passive abilities- Half-Leopard Half-Human, Jump Boost, and Persistent Lava.

Four moves of Leopard (F, V, C, and Z) can break instinct. The fruit is very demanding and requires lots of mastery to unlock new skills. This is why it is not preferable for the first and second seas. You can buy this fruit from the Blox Fruits Seller or trade it with other players.

Leopard Fruit Abilities

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Half-Leopard Half-HumanPassive AbilityYou transform into a half-leopard character and get special melee powers.
Jump BoostPassive AbilityYou can jump higher than usual.
Persistent LavaPassive AbilityThe environmental lava doesn’t damage you but you are still affected by lava when it touches your character.
Finger Revolverz-key.webpYou can shoot fireballs from your fingers.1
Spiraling Kickx-key-webpYou can release an air-blade attack in the upward direction.50
Afterimage Assaultc-key-webpAfter going through a series of teleportations you roar out at the opponent.100
Body Flickerf-key.webpYou hit your target in a swift motion.200
Transformationv-key-webpYou turn into a special human-leopard avatar. This move increases the power of all other attacks and also cuts down the damage dealt by 10%300

Leopard Fruit Moves and Combo

Here are some interesting Leopard Combo moves you would want to try next time you are set for grinding:

  • Leopard F Z, Sharkman Karate C X Z (If possible), Leopard X
  • Leopard F, Spikey Trident X, Leopard Z (Hold) X C, Electric Claw C (Look up)
  • Soul Guitar Z, Leopard X, Dark Dagger X, Leopard Z F, Sharkman Karate Z, Leopard C
  • Leopard C X F, Cursed Dual Katana X (Hold)
  • Leopard Z (Hold), Hallow Scythe X, E Claw C X (Look up), Leopard V C, Hallow Scythe Z (Up)

Leopard Fruit Tier List

It wouldn’t surprise you that Leopard ranks on the S-Tier of Blox Fruits. This is the most powerful category of fruit to exist. Dragon, Venom, Spider, and Shadow are other fruits that share this spot with Leopard.


This marks the end of the Leopard Fruit Guide. Now you have all the key abilities and combos for Leopard at your fingertips. Our only advice to you while using this fruit is to avoid it while grinding until you have unlocked the transformation skill.


is leopard fruit better than Buddha?

Leopard could be your best choice if you prioritize offensive combat, high damage, and solo dominance. It excels in surprising opponents with advanced combos and PvP prowess. And if you are looking for survivability, supporting allies, and strategic defense are your priorities then you should go for Buddha fruit. This choice suits a tanky and supportive role in both combat and team play.

is leopard fruit better than a dragon?

Choose Leopard if you value mobility, unique combos, and disrupting enemies in PvP. Enjoy a dynamic and strategic approach to combat this choice. Dragon fruit could be best in the situation if you prioritize raw damage, durability, and dominating battles solo or in PvP. Prefer to master a challenging fruit with high damage output.

is leopard fruit better than light?

You should select Leopard if you’re into speedy movements, crafting creative attack combos, and disrupting opponents in PvP. Embrace a fast-paced playstyle and work towards mastering distinct fighting techniques.

is leopard fruit better than dough?

Choose Leopard if high mobility, dominating in PvP, and achieving high damage output appeal to you. Revel in fast-paced combat and aim to master movement-based tactics. And for dough if defense, unique combos, and strategic offense are your priorities, and you’re willing to invest time mastering Awakening for its true potential.

is leopard fruit better than kitsune?

Choose Leopard if speed, high damage, and disrupting enemies in PvP appeal to you. Enjoy offensive combat and dominating enemy encounters. Choose Kitsune if you prefer versatility, strategic thinking, and mastering unique transformations. Opt for a mix of damage, utility, and adaptability in combat.

is leopard fruit better than venom?

Choose Leopard if mobility, creative combos, and mastering advanced techniques appeal to you. Enjoy strategic combat and maneuvering in PvP. Go for Venom if raw damage, controlling the battlefield, and dominating duels are your priorities. Prefer an offensive approach with mastery potential for peak performance.