Leopard Fruit Value Worth June 24, 2024

Leopard Fruit is a beast type of devil fruit. If you are looking to trade this fruit then you must be looking for the current value of Leopard fruit. So below we have shared all the information related to Leopard fruit value. This information will help you to trade this fruit with other players.

Leopard Fruit Value

Leopard Fruit Value Information

Value NamePrice
Physical Value40,000,000
Robux Price3,000 Robux
Best Used ForPvP
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What is Perm Value?

Here Perm value means the permanent value of fruit in the blox fruit game. This value describes how worth this fruit is in the blox fruit game. Perm value is an imaginary value used to trade all the regular fruit in the Blox fruit game. It has no relation to the game. So the permanent value of Leopard fruit is 180,000,000.

What is Physical Value?

Physical value is the estimated value of the permanent value obtained by the special method. The estimated value of Leopard Fruit is 40,000,000.

What is Demand?

Demand Refers to the popularity of the fruit. Traders have given it a scale system between 1 to 10. If demand is between 7 to 10 it means it has high demand. And the demand for Leopard fruit is high.

What is Robux Price?

This is the price you pay to some other player to get fruit in trading. So you can get Leopard fruit in 3,000 robux from Blox fruit dealer.

What is Price(Belli)?

Price refers to the amount you pay to a Blox fruit dealer to buy the fruit. So the amount of Leopard fruit is 5,000,000$.

How Much Leopard Fruit Worth In Blox Fruit?

The worth of any fruit depends upon its value. Because value is determined by various factors like their combat effectiveness, rarity, and demand among players. So the rarity of Leopard fruit is mythical, and demand is high. But if you still want this fruit, you can get it from the Blox fruit dealer for 5,000,000$ or in exchange for 3,000 Robux.

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