Shadow Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Shadow fruit brings the chance to reveal your dark side by unleashing the power of magical bats. That’s right, with moves like Shade Nest, this fruit lets you deploy a group of bats and make them blast on your opponent. The bats are not limited to attack, with the Mastery 50 you can unlock a move Umbrage that lets your bats give you mobility. To get your hands on this fruit you need to spend 2,900,000 dollars or 2425 Robux currency.

Shadow has marked its value for PvP mode and farming. If you wish to learn more about this natural fruit, this game guide is just for you.

Shadow Fruit
Shadow Fruit
Fruit NameShadow Fruit
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What is Shadow Fruit?

Shadow is a notorious little natural type fruit with mythical rarity. This fruit comes with a special passive ability called Umbra Meter. This meter keeps filling as you deal damage using any shadow attack and finally, when the meter has maxed out, you can use this ability to explode on your enemy. Apart from this, Shadow has five unique moves: Somber Rebellion, Umbrage, Shade Nest, Nightmare Leech, and Corvus Torment. All these moves are capable of inflicting damage.

This fruit is great for ranged attacks and is highly preferred for PvP mode and grinding. Despite having good stats, there is no transformation or awakening mode for Shadow yet. You can obtain this fruit by trading or by Blox Fruit Dealer.

Shadow Fruit Abilities

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Umbra MeterPassive AbilityAs you attack your enemies using Shadow fruit, this meter range will grow and intensify a protective aura around you.
Somber Rebellion z-key.webpSomber Rebellion MoveIt lets you turn into a shadow figure and release a group of bats upon touching your opponent.1
Umbragef-key.webpUmbrage MoveYou turn into a group of bats and fly around while dealing damage to your enemies.50
Shade Nestx-key-webpShade Nest MoveYet another attack that lets you deploy a swarm of bats at your enemy, only difference is the bats explode in this move.100
Nightmare Leechc-key-webpNightmare Leech MoveYou leap forward and in case you make contact with an opponent you gain back 20% of your lost health while dealing loads of damage.200
Corvus TormentvCorvus Torment MoveYou turn into a huge black ball and explode, dealing massive amounts of damage. This move can only be performed once the Umbra meter has maxed.300

Shadow Fruit Moves and Combo

The exact damage stats of Shadow Fruit attacks are not available right now. However, you can use these combinations created by players using Shadow Fruit:

  • Shadow Z, Dragon Talon X, Shadow X, Dragon Talon Z, Shadow C, Yama X, Shadow X V, Dragon Talon C
  • Shadow Z, Yama X (look down), Shadow V, Dragon Talon X C
  • Shadow Z, Kabucha X, Hallow Scythe Z, Shadow V, C, Sanguine Art Z, C, Shadow X, Hallow Scythe X, Sanguine Art X
  • Pole (2nd Form) Z, Kabucha X, Shadow X, Flash Step, Shadow Z, Dragon Talon Z, Shadow C, Pole (2nd Form) X, Shadow V, Dragon Talon X C
  • Shadow Z, Yama X, Shadow V, Electric C, Shadow X C, Kabucha X, Yama Z (to get close), Electric X

Shadow Fruit Tier List

Despite lacking an awakening mode and transformation, Shadow has made its way into Blox Fruit S Tier. This is the strongest category of Blox Fruits to exist. Here are some fruits that fall in the S- tiers Leopard, Dough, Dragon, Buddha, Venom, and Rumble.


This is the end of our Shadow Fruit Guide. This post covered all the key abilities of Shadow along with the ranking and attack combo. While this fruit is difficult to obtain/buy it is worth it and exceptionally versatile in all game modes.


is shadow fruit better than Buddha?

If you seek dominance in solo battles and enjoy offensive combat with advanced techniques, Shadow is your choice. With high damage, evasive moves, and decent mob handling, it excels in individual confrontations. On the other hand, if defense, survivability, and supporting allies matter more, then go for Buddha. It’s ideal for fast grinding and a relaxed playstyle, though it may lack raw damage in PvP.

is shadow fruit better than light?

Choose Shadow if you want to dominate battles, control your opponents, and enjoy mastering a challenging fruit. Its powerful moves and night-dependent bonuses make it particularly effective in one-on-one duels and challenging boss fights. If you’re seeking strength, control, and a rewarding learning curve, Shadow is the perfect choice for you in Blox Fruits.

Choose Light if you want unmatched grinding speed and exceptional mobility, and enjoy mastering a challenging fruit. It provides consistent performance without relying on nighttime conditions, and its tricky PvP capabilities become impressive with practice.

is shadow fruit better than magma?

Choose Shadow if you love mastering tricky fruits, dealing high burst damage, and surprising your opponents. It’s excellent in PvP battles with its unique moves, but mastering it takes practice to unlock its full power.

Choose Magma if you want to conquer hordes with massive area-of-effect damage and sustained offense. It excels in both PvE and PvP, offering a straightforward combat experience enhanced by mastery perks.

Is Shadow Fruit better than venom?

Choose Shadow if you prefer a fruit that prioritizes defense, unique combos, and disrupting enemies in PvP. This fruit caters to those who enjoy strategic combat and seek survivability in battles.

Go for Venom if you prioritize dealing high damage, controlling enemies, and dominating duels. This fruit aligns with an offensive playstyle, offering potent damage output for those who seek dominance in battles.

is shadow fruit better than control?

Opt for Shadow if you’re all about dealing high damage and dominating battles. This fruit is a powerhouse that shines in combat scenarios, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy intense and impactful gameplay.

Choose Control if you value versatility, efficient grinding, and strategic control in your gameplay. This fruit provides a more tactical and versatile experience, allowing you to navigate various situations with a focus on utility and strategy rather than sheer power.

Is Shadow Fruit better than Portal?

Choose the Shadow Fruit if you want to move fast, deal strong damage, and enjoy the challenge of mastering a tricky power. It’s great for surprising and messing with other players in PvP battles.

Go for the Portal Fruit if you like moving strategically, helping out your teammates, and playing in a unique, utility-focused way. It’s all about being versatile and supporting others, emphasizing strategy over just dealing big damage.