Spider Fruit Guide: How To Get & Abilities

Spider Fruit is the Spiderman of Blox Fruits, giving you skills like Spider Highway, where you can hang on the web and explore around. Once awakened, the capabilities of Spider skyrocket with attacks like Eternal White that can ignite immense power. To get this fruit, you can pay an amount of 1,500,000 or 1800 Robux.

Spider Fruit can easily break instinct even in its unawakened mode. Its versatile combo potential is another reason you should check out this post.

Spider Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Spider Fruit Wiki

Spider Fruit is a type of natural fruit with legendary rarity. This fruit offers a range of string-based attacks. In its unawakened state, it can deploy five moves: Spider Path, Spider Wrath, Overheated Sniper, Ultimate Thread, and Multi-String Attack. 

To awaken the fruit, you need to spend a special game currency, Fragments. A total of 17,300 fragments can awaken all five specialized moves: Thermal Laceration, Spider Highway, Silk Prison, Heavenly Punishment, and Eternal White.

Spider Fruit
Spider Fruit
Fruit NameSpider Fruit
Robux1800 Robux
Check ValueSpider Fruit Value
Updated CodesBlox Fruit Code

Spider Fruit Abilities

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Spider Wraith z-key.webpSpider Wraith MoveYou can slide towards the enemy and knock them with a claw.1
Spider Path f-key.webpSpider Path MoveYou can float in the air with the help of spider webs.15
Multi-string Attack x-key-webpMulti String Attack MoveYou can use five strings to stun your opponent.50
Over-heated Sniper c-key-webpOver Heated Sniper MoveThese moves let you shoot out a thick rope of condensed webs at the enemy.100
Ultimate Thread vUltimate Thread MoveThis move lets you combine aura in the string design.225

Spider Fruit Awaken Mode Abilities

Attack NameControl KeysPrice(Fregments)PreviewDescriptionMastery
Thermal Laceration z-key.webp800Thermal Leceration MoveLets you wield four blades of hot strings/webs on your opponent.1
Spider Highway f-key.webp2500Spider Highway MoveYou can hang on with a thick web/string and swing around just like Spiderman.15
Silk Prison x-key-webp3500Slik Prision MoveYou can create a sphere of spider webs and shrink it, dealing a lot of damage to your opponent.50
Eternal White c-key-webp4500Eternal White MoveThis move unleashes chaotic streams of webs that randomly hit the opponents.100
Heavenly Punishment v6000Heavenly Punishment MoveLets you shoot multiple webs of red and maroon color that deal a lot of damage to the enemy.225

Spider Fruit Moves and Combo

The exact damage and cooldown details of the Spider Fruit are not available right now. However, the hit range and damage-dealing capacity of Spider is quite high.

You can check out these Spider Fruit combos crafted by players to kick things up a little:

  • Spider X (Awk), Superhuman C, Soul Cane Z, Spider V (Awk) C (Unawk)
  • Spider X V, Spikey Trident X, Death Step C Z X
  • Spider X (Awk) V, Spikey Trident X, Spider Z / Sharkman Karate X C
  • Spider C (awk), Spikey Trident X, Death Step C Z X
  • Spider X, Acidum Rifle M1 Z X, Spider Z, Acidum Rifle M1, Godhuman Z X, Acidum Rifle M1, Godhuman C
  • Gravity Cane X, Spider V X, Kabucha X, Spider C, Gravity Cane Z, Dragon Talon Z, Spider Z

Is Spider Fruit Good In Blox Fruits?

With the help of spider fruit, you can move better, avoid getting hit, climb walls, and do awesome tricks while jumping in the air. It’s like being a skilled and agile character!In Spider Fruit if you use webs too much, your character can get tired fast. So, you have to be careful not to use too much energy and run out.
With the help of spider fruit you can move better, avoid getting hit, climb walls, and do awesome tricks while jumping in the air. It’s like being a skilled and agile character!Web powers may not work well in some places, like underwater or during strong winds.
Spider Fruit has some special moves that can make your attacks poisonous. This means they cause damage slowly over time and make the enemies weaker.Compared to other fruits, Spider Fruit might not do as much damage, especially before awakening.
The Spider Fruit gives you lots of abilities. You can decide if you want to be strong in attacking, defending, or moving around quickly. It’s up to you!In the Blox fruit game, if your enemy has fruit-like fire, it can burn through your spider webs and hurt your Spider Fruit character a lot.

Spider Fruit Tier List

The advanced skill set and damage-yielding capacity of Spider give it a place in the S-Tier List which is the most reputed group of Blox Fruits. Some other fruits on this list are Blizzard, Shadow, Leopard, Venom, Rumble, and Dough.


This marks the finish line of Spider Fruit Guide. Now you are familiar with the movements, abilities, combos, and advantages of using Spider Fruit. While it is one of the most powerful fruits in the game, it takes skill to use it. Overall, it is a decent choice for grinding, AoE, and PvP.