Kitsune Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Kitsune is a relatively new fruit that has taken the game by storm with its beast-based attacks. Fox Fire Disruption for instance is a popular Kitsune move that lets you play around with blue fire and hit your opponent by it. Kitsune goes all out by providing a total of five passive abilities including Wispful Flames that can single-handedly break instinct. Kitsune is not easy on your pocket and will drain 8,000,000 dollars/ 4000 Robux Currency.

Despite being the most expensive fruit in the game, Kitsune is a preferred PvP and grinding choice by many players. This guide will cover all the key abilities of Kitsune.

Kitsune Fruit
Kitsune Fruit
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What is Kitsune Fruit?

Kitsune is a Beast-type fruit with a mythical rarity. It is probably the most difficult fruit to get a hold of. In its untransformed state, Kitsune is capable of deploying six distinct moves- Normal Attack, Accursed Enchantment, Fox Fire Disruption, Tails of Burning Agony, Wild Assault, and Transformation. Due to high mastery requirements, it is difficult to master this fruit in a short time. 

While Kitsune doesn’t have an awakened mode, it makes up for it by transformation. Also, the five distinct passive skills- Kitsune Tails, Wispful Flames, Ancient Strength, Spirit Beast of the Sea, and Kitsune Mount make it a dream fruit.

It is a decent choice for PvP mode and Second Sea and beyond if you don’t mind extra time on it. You can either buy it from the Blox Fruit Dealer or obtain it by gifting Azure Embers to Kitsune Shrine but it doesn’t guarantee the fruit.

Kitsune Fruit Abilities

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
Kitsune TailsPassive AbilityYou gain tails 2 or 3 depending on the tail meter) and grants you special abilities.
Wispful FlamesPassive AbilityTransformed abilities leave behind a flame that can break instinct.
Ancient StrengthPassive Ability20% damage reduction.
Spirit Beast of the SeaPassive AbilityIt lets you run on water.
Kitsune MountPassive AbilityYou can let team players mount on your character as you transform into a Kitsune.
[Click/Tap] Normal AttackDefault AbilityYou can slash opponents around with blue flames, the fourth move makes you glide like a whirlwind.
Accursed Enchantmentz-key.webpIf you can direct this move on a target it surrounds them in a blue flame and if not you can deal AoE damage,1
Tails of Burning Agonyx-key-webpYou can hit the target three times in a zig-zag manner.50
Fox Fire Disruptionc-key-webpYou can play around with a blue flame and hit your target.100
Wild Assaultf-key.webpIt lets you collide and hit your opponent with claws repeatedly.200
Transformationv-key-webpYou become a huge Kitsune with heightened speed, jump, and attack stats.300

Kitsune Fruit Moves and Combo

MoveKeyDamage Points (Approx)
Normal AttackTap/Click1250
Accursed Enchantmentz-key.webp3400
Tails of Burning Agonyx-key-webp3600
Fox Fire Disruptionc-key-webp5730
Wild Assaultf-key.webp2400

Here are some cool Kitsune combos that you might enjoy using:

  • Soul Guitar X, Kitsune X C F, Godhuman Z C X
  • Godhuman C, Kitsune C, Spikey trident X, god human X (look up) Godhuman Z, Kitsune X, Kitsune Z
  • Kitsune C F X, CDK X Z, Godhuman Z X C
  • Godhuman C (hold), Kitsune F, Godhuman Z, Kitsune X C Z
  • Fox Lamp X Z, Kitsune X C Z F, Kabucha X, Godhuman Z X C, Kabucha Z
  • Kitsune V (Transform) M1 Chain F X (Look down) C Z

Kitsune Fruit Tier List

Despite being relatively new, Kitsune has already made its place in the S-Tier of Blox Fruits. This is the strongest category to exist and is shared by Leopard, Dragon, Dark, Blizzard, Dough, and some other elite fruits. 


We mark the end of our Kitsune Fruit Guide here. Now you are aware of all the passive abilities and skills of this mythical fruit. The only advice we offer you about Kitsune will be, to only go for this fruit if you don’t mind mastering extra levels.