Phoenix Fruit Guide: How To Get & Abilities

Portal fruit opens the gateway to different dimensions and locations through its versatile skill set. Parallel Escape for instance is a Mastery 50 ability that allows you to trap your opponent in a series of portals before knocking them down on the ground.

The power to access World Warp gives you the chance to escape anywhere in the game. 

This fruit is on the expensive end of Blox Fruits and can be bought by spending 1,900,000 dollars or 2000 Robux currency. If you wish to master the art of using Portal, this article is just for you.

Portal Fruit Guide, Showcase, Tier List, Abilities, Combos

Portal Fruit Wiki

Portal is a Natural Type fruit with legendary rarity, which makes it difficult to obtain. The fruit offers a total of six abilities including Portal Jump which doesn’t inflict damage but helps you jump over obstacles. Portal Dash, Parallel Escape, Quantum Leap, World Warp, and Dimensional Rift are five other moves by Portal.

There is no awakening mode for Portal as of now.

Portal Fruit
Portal Fruit
Fruit NamePortal Fruit
Robux2000 Robux
Money1,90,000 $
Check ValuePortal Fruit Value
Updated CodesBlox Fruit Code

Portal Fruit Abilities

Different Portal abilities are unlocked after you achieve a higher mastery level:

Attack NameControl KeysPreviewDescriptionMastery
[Mouse/Tap] Portal Jump Default AbilityPortal Jump MoveLet you jump ahead followed by a backflip.
Portal Dashz-key.webpPortal Dash MoveIt lets you collide with your opponent, engaging them in several portals and smashing them to the ground. This move is capable of bypassing instinct.1
Parallel Escapex-key-webpParallel Escape MoveMakes you disappear from the eyes of your opponent for a few seconds. Using this skill gives you a lot of time to plan your next move. You immediately come back into appearance when you play the next move. 50
Quantum Leap c-key-webpQuantum LeapYou can mark two portals using your cursor and use them for teleportation.100
World Warp
World Warp MoveAnother move involving teleportation. You can create a portal and turn to the place of your choice. The only catch is that your enemies can follow you by using this portal unless you have gone to a safe zone.200
Dimensional RiftFDimensional Rift MoveThis special skill lets you open a portal to an alternative dimension 300

Portal Fruit Instinct and Combo

MoveAttack KeyBreaks Instinct 
Portal DashZYes
Parallel EscapeXYes
Quantum LeapFNo
World WarpC
Dimensional RiftVYes

These tried and tested Portal combos by players will provide you with some interesting tricks while progressing through the game:

  • Portal X (to sneak), Midnight Blade X Z (fast), Sanguine Art C X Z (fast), Portal Z
  • Portal Z, Kabucha X, Gravity Cane X Z, Death Step V C Z X
  • Electric Claw C, Pole (2nd Form) X Z, Portal Z X, Electric Claw Z X
  • Portal X Z, Godhuman Z C, Spikey Trident X Z, Godhuman X
  • Soul Guitar X, Portal Z X, Godhuman Z C X
  • Portal Z, Spikey Trident Z X, Godhuman Z C X (tap)

Advantages and Disadvantages

With the help of Portal fruit, You can create special doors called portals that act like secret shortcuts. You can use them to quickly move around the game map, escape from enemies, or surprise them by appearing behind them.Your magic doors can’t go too far. There’s a limit to how far you can teleport, so you can’t visit the whole world with just one portal.
Portal Fruit makes you a sneaky ninja! You can place portals in clever spots to confuse your enemies. When things get tricky, you can use these portals to escape fast.Your magic powers need a break. After you use a portal, you have to wait a bit before using it again. No teleporting all the time!
Portal fruit allows you to use portal move with other moves to do awesome attacks. Imagine pulling your enemy through portals into a super cool attack!Your magic doors need the right place. You can’t just put them anywhere. Some spots might not work for your portals, so you have to find good places.
This fruit works like a magical key in the game. You can use portals to find hidden spots, skip obstacles, or jump high.Certain fruits like Gravity and Buddha can negate or manipulate portals, rendering them ineffective.

Portal Fruit Tier List

The effective mobility and strong attacks of Portal Fruit make it rank in the S-Tier in Blox Fruits. Some other rare fruits that share this Tier are Blizzard, Venom, Shadow, Leopard, and Soul.


This has brought you to the end of our Portal Fruit Game Guide. Now you know about all the skills, move sets, and instinct-breaking capabilities of Portal Fruit. It is a recommended and reliable choice for grinding and PvP mode. Plus, it gives the added thrill of teleportation into random locations.